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My Top 10 Youtube Videos of the Year

Well the end of the year is nearly upon us (or the world depending on how you look at it), and I figured I’d list my top 10 videos of the year. This list has come from videos that I have shared with friends and family, or videos that I have just watched over and over because of the talent used to create it.

So let’s begin!

Runner Up: Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Soon

Figure I’d start with the runner up, why you should never celebrate until you definitely know it’s definitely all over and the trophy is in the boot off your car. The epic throw in the last milliseconds of the game leave the previously celebrating team gobsmacked wondering what the hell just happened!

10. Dragon Baby by PatrickBoivin

Dragon Baby is a quick fight to the death between a baby in a Kill Bill outfit, and a deadly dragon teddy. I just love how well the entire product is put together and the brutal Finishing Move brings back memories of Mortal Kombat.

9. Slender Gameplay and Commentary by Penguinz0

Slender Man is character from the indie game Slender: The Eight Pages. He’s based on the Germanic legend of Der Grossman (Tall Man). The game has players wandering through a forest collecting pages, while Slender Man follows them. It’s a race against the clock best played in the dark. Penguinz0 commentary is hilarious as he walks about collecting the pages while being imaginative in ways to trap Slender Man.

8. HISHE – Slender Games by HISHEdotcom

How It Should Have Ended take films, TV series, games and give them the ending they deserve, with a funny twist. Personally I didn’t like Hunger Games as I was in the boat of it all being stolen from Battle Royale. Now if it instead did actually turn into a Slender Games that would definitely make it awesome, because who wanted want to be in a forest being hunted by a guy with no face.

7. Hexaflexagons by Vihart

This video summarises what I used to do in maths back in high school. As well as doodling, I spent time folding paper into triangles and throwing them about as it was what all the cool kids done (I wasn’t one though!). These Hexaflexagons though are a work of sorcery, changing colours and wondering where the hell the extras keep turning up from. The speech also provides an imaginative narrative rather than a simple step by step vid.

6. Yann Frisch – Sleight of Hand

I have no idea who Yann Frisch is, or where he comes from, but if I met him in real life I would make sure his hands were glued together and visible at all times! He really has got a talent for making balls and cups vanish, but the best part of this video is his presentation, he commits to the role of being an insomniac to the point of whacking his head off the table!

5. Boo Bass (Monsters, Inc. Remix) by Fagottron

Monsters Inc was a pretty good Disney movie, funny with loveable characters and a nice story. Fagottron somehow has taken that essence and sampled it into a song which even Disney endorses! That has got to be something amazing! He has also done other films such as Cinderella and Up, which all have ended up on my iPod since they are that good!

4. Madeon – Pop Culture (Dance Video – Walt Whitman High School VY 2012) by Hassam Kaif

Madeon is French electro house and pop producer. He became famous for his quick finger work in his live video of ‘Pop Culture’. Here we have a Napoleon Dynamite style video from Walt Whitman High School that chops and changes but keeps everything ticking along nicely. Its funny, catchy and the guy has some mad dance skills!

3. Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word by Sulibreezy

Suli Breaks is a mic poet from Great Britain. This video gives the listener a perspective of education, from questioning whether paying for it is a guaranteed route to success, or if being schooled in life is a better option. Also it features a Surface of the Sun by John Murphy which helps!

2. Mario Warfare by Beatdownboogie

Mario was an excellent game from my childhood, but the Bob Hoskins film was a shambles, so much to the point as Hoskins himself disowning it. This short ten minute production shows you don’t need a Hollywood budget to create something amazing. The action scenes take cues from Equilibrium with excellent stunts and choreography. I can’t wait for part 2!!

1. Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex by College Humour

College Humour regularly bring out quality videos that are original and funny. I’ve been watching their videos for a long time, but this time they seriously outdid themselves! The Dark Knight Rises was an excellent film but this video shows the bat in whole different light. I could not stop laughing!

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