Who is Dhillon?

Camera Speedtest

So I got a new lens to play about with which was the Nikkor 35MM 1.8 (cash back offer meant I could grab the 50MM for cheaper). Anyway the first thing I did was take pictures of the best food in the world, 10p jelly dummies (i’m pretty sure i’m gonna become a diabetic soon!).

Since I saw how people had used this lens to get some great depth of field shots with some amazing detail, I thought these sweets would be a great place to try it. The fine sugar and massive colour differences make an awesome testing ground. Matched with the added Speedlight SB-700 (which is also on a cash back offer) the pictures turned out really well! In fact they turned out so well I managed to get a part time job out of it working as product photographer.

That leads me onto Unionloft Software, they were looking to launch an app which shows you an image of your meal that you would like to order. The app is called Local Link and can be downloaded to iOS or Android, they chose not to go for Windows Phone.

I was asked to photograph some salad for the initial interview, and then for the training we were given some potential products they may work with. These ranged from food as the initial target is restaurants, to trainers  guitars and cameras. The 35mm lens really stole the show since it pretty much boosted the quality of the images. From the low light conditions to closely replicate the conditions we will be working in, to allowing me to take rapid shots as each product was swapped from one to another.

Check the final outcomes below!

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