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Quality Adverts

Every now and then an interesting advert comes along that catches everyone’s attention. I saw an Xbox Live advert a long time ago that showed people playing a shoot em up style game in a train station, only they were using their hands as guns like they were 10 again. The fun factor in the advert was great, it was an original idea, and it put the message of Xbox Live across perfectly, that it is fun to play together.

Later on came along the Old Spice ad which was just completely ‘out there’ and was my kind of funny. It showed how an ageing product like Old Spice could be cool again. The fact that it was originally aimed at a more mature consumer was well adjusted with the right amount comedy to turn that perception at an angle. While still being aimed at the same audience, it asked the viewer why don’t you want to be that person?

Now I’ve just seen an advert which has amazed me again, this time for TNT. Again, the message is a simple one about what they have to offer, but getting the audience involved in an expert way and leaving them bemused as to what happened is a great addition.

Check it out below as well as the others, and maybe one day I’ll make something just as good!


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